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I was listening to a song.  One of the lines in the song goes something like...  "I know I am perfect. I don't exist."  Or something close to that.  I am not sure if this is what the singers of that song meant to say with their words.  But that line always reminds me of someone I know.  Two someone's actually.  A Mother and Daughter.  They care so much about what people see when they look at them.  At the appearance they present to others.  They care so much about the state of their yard, what car they drive, the designer makeup or handbag...  That they don't exist.  They literally do not exist.  All that exists is the image they see reflected in their "friend's" eyes.  The real person they could be has become invisible under their goal to attain perfection.  And, Heaven Forbid!  Should they ever completely attain the perfection they seek...  Then they truly won't exist.  They will become nothing but an animated picture in a magazine. 
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