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Is this crazy...?

Is this crazy?

A mature well educated college gratuate who is a retired school teacher. Not (as far as I know) a religious fanatic. She is Christian but not in a fanatic way. A person who is intelligent and I comment again -- well educated.

Is it crazy if this person after spending a few days with you (she is a relative by marriage) on a road trip... Claims that you are a witch? And I wish to specify here. She was not accusing me of my religion being Wicca. She did, in fact, mean "witch" in the fantasy, "Bell, Book and Candle" meaning of the word.

She said I talked telepathically with my dog and that the dog was not a dog but my "familiar." A relative by blood who was also on the trip tried to explain to her that I had trained my dog to obey hand signals. And that I was using those to signal commands to my dog. She did not accept this and continued to claim I was a "witch" in the magic and sorcery meaning of the word.

This is crazy behavior isn't it?
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