Ashkiera's Ghost (ashkierasghost) wrote,
Ashkiera's Ghost

Well... Long time since I posted here...

Been thinking and thought perhaps I should start posting again.  I've said that before.  But this time I plan to go ahead and keep with it.  Journals are such useful things. One can go back through them and find reference points for when things happen.  It is surprising how much things run together in a person's head if they don't have a reference.  It is like...  Event A happened.  But a few months or years later you cannot quite remember when Event A happened.  But you can remember that Event A happened right after you went to visit your Aunt Son-in-so.  If you wrote about your visit with Aunt So-in-so...  Then you know when Event A happened. 

So journals are good.  They make mileposts for the road of life. 
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