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It is Mom's Birthday if she was still with us....

Thought I would post some of her recipes....  These were from another journal I don't use much any more.  Originally posted in the fall of 2008.


I was going
through some boxes brought up now that I am settled in a dry location.
(Last two winters were spent in a less than dry location.) And I came
upon my Mother's old recipe box. Now she was not much on fancy cooking.
So she only had a few favorite recipes. Mostly having to do with
Thanksgiving. But they were good ones. And so I am going to be putting
them up over the next few days.

Here are the first

Myrna Challender's :


Canned fruit
Drain and reserve juice of:

2 medium cans
fruit cocktail

1 large can of peaches (dice peaches)
1 medium can of
pears (dice)

1 large can of pineapple chunks (cut in half)
1 small bottle
of maraschino cherries (cut in halves)

Fresh fruit
2 medium red
delicious apples peeled and diced into small pieces

8 large bananas
Large bunch of
red grapes seeded (if not seedless) and cut in halves

1 to 1 1/2 cups
walnuts chopped small

Homemade whipped cream with sugar and

About 4 heaping serving spoonfuls of CoolWhip (to

In large bowl mix all ingredients. Adding a small
amount of reserved juice from canned fruit if too dry. Let set a few
hours or overnight to let flavors mellow. Stir again just before

Will make a whole lot.


Poultry Dressing

19 and 1/2 oz (or there abouts)
pre-seasoned dressing mix (Myrna used Mrs. Wrights)

1/4 teaspoon
poultry seasoning

1/4 teaspoon powdered sage
Big pinch dried

1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 8oz can mushroom pieces (drained
but reserve juice)

4-5 stalks celery
1 med onion (or 1
bunch green onions)

1 can drained olives
1 or 2 lbs bacon
1 or 2 cubes

Cut bacon into small pieces. Cook till done but not crispy. Dice
onions and cut celery into pieces. Remove bacon from pan leaving
drippings. Stir fry onion and celery in bacon drippings until med soft
-- or until they look sort of clear. Cut olives into halves. Melt
butter. Mix all ingredients except butter and reserved mushroom juice
together in large pan. Add about half of butter. Mix together. Check
consistency. Dressing should form clumps when a handful is picked up
and squeezed in hand. Add more butter if necessary. Mix and test
again. If still not holding into a ball add some of the mushroom juice
and/or water until ball holds when formed.

Bake as desired.

Another Recipe

A friend was asking about a recipe
today. And it reminded me of one of my Mom's recipes. This was one to
make the dollar stretch. But it did not lose anything in the process.
It was one of her most loved recipes when I was growing up. It is a
very informal recipe. Just adjust amount to suit what you have or what
you like.

Fill a big pan
about half with water.

- -

Coarsely chop up as many
onions as you like. She used lots of onions. Like 4 or 5 big ones.

- - -
Add potatoes chopped up. Again whatever your preference. She
added lots.

- - -
Cook everything till tender.
- - -
Here I would adjust the recipe for the times. She added canned
evaporated milk at this point. But she used it because it was cheap
back then. Not sure that is the case any more. Though maybe you guys
out there could find a better source than I have. What I would try at
this point is powdered milk if trying to save money. Dissolve it in
cool water making it a little strong. Then add to the soup. Or if you
have it, fresh milk is lovely.

- - -
Then bring
everything back to nice and hot.

- - -
Serve with a
pat of butter or margarine. And crackers or bread.

This stuff was so good. I am going to have
to get some powdered milk and see if it works in soups. I have been
curious about that. I know Mom liked the canned evaporated. But that
seems more expensive than fresh milk. At least up here where I live.

More recipes are still coming. I just got
distracted with life. Ya know...

One More...

Mom used to
make this sometimes. Again fairly economical.

Make oatmeal extra
thick. Mom used to do this when making breakfast so that she could use
the leftovers as to be described.

- - -
Put leftovers in a
bread pan and leave to sit for a few hours. This will let it get even
thicker. And will form a loaf.

- - -
Turn the bread pan
upside down and the oatmeal will usually fall out at a solid loaf.
Slice into fairly thick slices. About as thick as a slice of bread.

- - -
Put a little oil
in a frying pan and heat. When hot put in a slice and fry it till hot
through and the outside is crispy and brown. Brown both sides.

- - -
Do the same with
the other slices. Serve.

She would serve this instead of a meat
dish at lunch. And it was really really really good. I 'd try a
little cheese on top. And that would add a complete protein too. Or
sometimes she would serve this the next day instead of bacon with eggs
for breakfast. A good start to the day.

Mom was a good
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