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What did I do today....?

Well...  Took Teresa to the doctor.  Just a follow up.  But he came up with some good ideas how to improve her digestion.  Her truck needs a new battery or a new alternator.  No biggie...  but we took my car cause of that.  Gonna get her's fixed in the new week.  Then I realized that my license plate tags were expired.  I had not driven my car in awhile and had not been aware I needed new tags.  But I lucked out and no police man saw me before I made it down to the county/city building and got that taken care of.  Stopped at Walmart briefly to buy V8.  And there you have the day.  Took a nap too as I slept almost not at all last night.  Some nights are like that.  I don't generally have trouble sleeping.  Just every now and then. 

Well that is all.  Time to go . 
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