Ashkiera's Ghost (ashkierasghost) wrote,
Ashkiera's Ghost


Oh my...  We have a stuffed toy the dogs play with.  I never noticed how
much it resembles the CAT.  I was playing with the dogs and saw what I
thought was the stuffed toy and almost made a grab for it.  It turned
out to be the cat.  Thankfully for everyone, I realized my mistake in
time.  It would not have been a good thing for anyone had I not...  You
see our cat is not "understanding."  I would have pinched her...  she
would've bit me...  the dog that loves her would have been torn as to
whether to protect her or protect me...  so probably would have knocked
me over getting between the cat and me...  and my dog would have been
offended and there would have been a dog fight.  And then the coffee
table would have gone flying and the morning coffee would have covered
the livingroom.  It would have been interesting...  
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