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Happy New Year!!!

Well it is New Year's Eve.  Bought some snacks and going to watch TV.  Ah...  Someday I will have a regular life with New Year's Eve parties.  For now I like staying home.  It is safe.  Right now safe is good.  Also one of our dogs -- the youngest -- ate my seatbelt.  We usually take her in the pickup and the seatbelts are not as available.  But the truck needs a new battery.  And she ate my seatbelt.  Her new name is Mud.  But on the upside this is only the second really bad thing she has ever done.  And for a year old puppy that is pretty good odds.  Usually there are at least 5 really BAD things a puppy does by the end of their first year.  At least 2 pairs of shoes and a couple of electrical cords and one library book.  On average.  This girl has not been bad.  But I am not looking forward to repairing the seatbelt.  Ah well. 

But anyway...  Happy New Year!!!! 
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