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Long day today...

Had to go out and winterize some property.  The weather report had been for mild weather -- not even frost for about a week.  So Dad and I did not do the weatherizing when he was up a couple of days ago.  We had some other things that also needed doing and with the weather forecast to be so mild we took care of the other items to be done first.  But then over 24 hours they changed the weather report from mild rainy weather without even the chance of frost...  To lows in the mid 20's for several nights.  So Teresa and I ran out and winterized.  I am really exhausted now.  But the work is done.  And that is good.

The new weather model they put into use a few years ago is crud.  I was even watching the Weather Channel a couple of years ago late one night and the middle of the night weather guy even said it does not work as well as the old one on national TV.  Though he got this strange look on his face after he said it that seemed to say...  Oooooppppssss....  I am so gonna get chewed out for that.  But say it, he did.  Not that anyone who follows the weather did not already know that.

In fact last year the new weather model put several people in very serious harms way.  They stated clearly that the weather was going to be quite pleasant until Thursday (one week in Jan of last year) and then a few hours before a terrible snow storm hit...  Uh OH....  The storm is coming in today (I think it was Sunday).  That is one big time difference.  And with today's technology we should be able to do better than that.  Well...  A group went up on Saturday for overnight snow hiking on Mt. Ranier and ended up getting snowed in and having to be rescued in terrible conditions.  It was a bad situation that would not have happened a decade ago when the old weather forecasting program was in place.  Sometimes it was wrong.  But generally only by 24-36 hours.  Not by 4 days.  If the new model is crud -- go back to the old one.  Really.  This one is junk.  Go back to the old one.

But people never do.  Go back to the old that is.  It is an unusual person who uses something new and finds it does not work as well as the old thing (now I don't mean just learning how to use the new thing -- that can take time) and is willing to go back to the old.  They almost always just put up with the flaws of the new thing.  I guess it is just human nature. 
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