Ashkiera's Ghost (ashkierasghost) wrote,
Ashkiera's Ghost

At the library today...

I am up at the library today.  Don't have internet access right now.  So doing a check in at the library.  It is nice that they have free wifi.  And Saturday hours.  It is really a nice library.  Been doing a bit of walking for my health.  Building strength.  The weather has been mild and pleasant.  There were some cold nights for a bit but now the nights are fairly mild.  Rainy and mild.  Strangely I like rain. It just suits me.  Snow is pretty.  But I don't like driving in it.  I guess I am just strange.  I like rain.  The weather has been perfect for me.  Mild and rainy.  And I guess i just don't have much interesting to write about today.  Ah well.  Everyone at least knows I am alive.  Hope everyone out there is doing good and is well and happy!!!!!!!!!!!!
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