Ashkiera's Ghost (ashkierasghost) wrote,
Ashkiera's Ghost

At the library again...

We are still up in Forks.  No internet at the place we are staying.  So making a journal entry at the library.  We had a little windstorm last night.  But just a little one.  I've been doing a lot of walking trying to get my strength up.  It has just been a long winter with less exercise.  Today is kind of a little windy still even though most of the windstorm was last night.  It is only 2 in the afternoon but it looks like evening out.  The clouds are very dark.

It is really raining out right now.  I should have worn my hat.  But everyone gives me this strange look when I wear a hat.  It is just a cowboy hat.  Leather.  Bought it years ago.  It sheds water well.  Usually I wear it when walking.  But on rainy days it is very useful to keep the rain off one's head.  But the store clerks look like they expect me to go nuts and start raving or something.  I guess hats just are not expected any more.  Most people don't wear them.

So that is about it.  Nothing really new going on.  Just the same stuff as usual.  Time will tell. 
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