Ashkiera's Ghost (ashkierasghost) wrote,
Ashkiera's Ghost

Spring seems to be here...

Been awhile since I wrote anything.  I have been out in the sticks.  No internet out there except for the library.  So I have not been online much.  The weather has been very nice the last few days.  And a lot of flowers are blooming.  Nice to see.  I had hoped to separate the tulips last winter when they were dormant.  But just never got around to it.  The blooms are quite small because of that.  But they are still very pretty.  And hopefully late this spring I can separate the bulbs as they should be and next year they will be larger.

I wonder what it would be like to live somewhere that the weather is warmer?  I have lived my whole life in Washington and much of that in the west Olympic Peninsula  -- a temperate rainforest.  I really do love the rain.  It is soothing.  And it is nice to be somewhere that there is plenty of water.  It would be sad to not even be able to garden because of water restrictions like some places have.  But...  I have often wondered what it would be like to live somewhere that the weather is so predictably nice that one spends most of one's life out of doors.  But then again...  I guess that is unrealistic too.  i suppose if the weather were that nice -- then you'd be dealing with excessive heat.  So...  I guess where I am is the best one can get.  Fairly mild all year round.  Most years.  Though...  there can be serious cold snaps some winters.

Guess that is the update.  Spring is looking lovely.  Hope everyone out there is enjoying their spring too.
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