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Just a Hello to everyone...

Got internet again.  But really slow compared to what we had before.  Way better than dial up used to be though.  I have not been online much.  Caught a flue again.  I guess this spring has a lot of flues going around.  So sorry if I have not answered emails and posts over on Facebook.  I did finally get the right browser and put up some Rottweiler pics on Facebook.  Or at least I think that they went up.  I do have quite a time navigating Facebook.  I just think I have got it figured out and something stumps me again.  That is why I often write here.  Livejournal just goes and posts my entry everywhere.  And then it's done.  :-)

The weather has been milder here than usual for spring.  Rainy.  But warmer.  I recall a couple of years ago I had to keep building fires in the wood stove well into June.  But this year it has been very warm.  Even a few sunny days too.

We had quite a strange incident up in Port Angeles.  Some guy went nuts with a bulldozer and wrecked several homes in about a block area on the same side of town we stay when we are up in Port Angeles. He knocked down or severely damaged four homes.  A bunch of out buildings.  Several ATV's, a boat, and squashed a F-250 truck.  Squashed it.  I saw it.  It was flat.  They might be able to save the engine to use on another truck.  But the whole back and the passenger compartment was FLAT.  Guy just lost it and went over the bend and all the way to Hell's Basement.  Damn.  And he did it all in 10 minutes.  The first 911 call came in at 12:18.  And he was arrested at 12:28.  All that in 10 minutes.  He almost killed two people.  One older gentleman had to jump out of the way.  And a 74 year old woman had to flee her house as it was being destroyed.  Total Bat $h!t Crazy.  So far they won't let him out of jail.  Thank God.

I have gotten used to living in a mostly peaceful area.  There is crime in Port Angeles and Forks.  But not often to this kind of extent.  But I guess when people do loose it they loose it in a BIG way.

Just glad no one was hurt.  Really glad.

Well I am still feeling ucky.  So off to drink tea and rest.  Hope everyone is having a nice spring.  And the world is treating all of you guys good. 
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