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My cousin says I should write here and keep a journal again.  I don't know if I want to do that or not.  But I thought I should at least give it a try.  Teresa is sick with a bug today.  I guess spring is bug time.  I think that spring colds are worse than winter ones.  Don't know why.  I made her soup.  When I was in Germany as an exchange student.  (And no I never did really get good at German -- but I learned a lot of other stuff as an exchange student.)  When I was there they had this soup they made for people when they were sick.  It was a variation on the American standard of chicken soup.  But they made it with oatmeal instead of noodles or plain broth.  And I have found over the years that it sets way better on an unhappy tummy than noodle soup.  It is really simple.  Chicken broth -- home made, canned, stock for cooking recipes or even those cube things -- then put in a small handful of oatmeal and let simmer till the oats are nearly dissolved.  Simple.  And it sets well.

Ok...  what else to say.  Raining today.  Yesterday was fairly nice.  Today is rain.  I like rain personally.  But then I live along the coast of WA so I had better.  If I did not like rain I would do well to move.  But I like rain so I am ok.

Took a gentle mild walk on Sunday.  Cannot walk far since surgery.  But that should improve.  Sunday is the day off for big trucks.  So it is a good day to go out in the woods.  The roads are narrow and Sunday is the day to avoid the worst traffic.  It was nice and the dogs liked it a lot.  Think this Sunday coming up might be too rainy for the woods.  I don't much mind but some of the roads are rough and even in Teresa's truck we almost got stuck last week and it was a nice day.  We will see.

Been thinking about what is in my head.  The concepts I live by  -- not the gray matter.  And have decided that I do what I am told way too much of the time.  I need to remember that the statement, "No." is a perfectly reasonable answer.  Especially if said politely.  Why is it considered rude to say, "No." in this society?  I wonder if it is that way in other countries than the mainland US?  Here, unless you have a very good reason, it is just considered rude to say a simple, "No."  That is weird.  So long as one does not yell or use curse words, saying, "No" should not be anything bad.  But it is.  People take it like a personal insult.  And most of the time it has nothing even to do with the person one said "No" to.  It usually -- at least with me -- has to do with my own problems or concerns or my schedule.  Or lack of time or energy.  If I don't want to do something it usually is not that I don't want to do it with the person who asked me.  Or for the person who asked me.  It is usually that I just don't like the activity or I need to be doing something else.    I guess people are just going to have to get used to me saying, "no."   Or I am going to have to get used making people annoyed.  Ah.  Well. 
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