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Physical Therapy

Well, I started physical therapy two weeks ago.  And it is making a difference.  Amazing.  I had kind of thought that I'd be ok on my own.  I had sets of exercises I did fairly often before I had the surgery.  And I figured I could just start those exercises with small weights and less repetitions.  But no.  That did not work.  So I am taking physical therapy.  The lady showed me some exercises to do that seem to be able to target just the right muscles and increase strength slowly.  It is going to still be probably a year before I am back to anywhere near normal strength.  And I don't know what is going to happen in the long run.  As I was quite a bit beyond "normal" strength for my body size before this happened.  Time will tell.

The lady thinks that it is possible that the reason doing my own exercises did not work is not that I was doing anything wrong.  But that perhaps I had been trying to exercise too soon.  I was given no guidance from the medical folks.  They said I would need to do exercises to get strong.  But they gave me no guidance as to what I could do and what not.  The PT lady thinks that perhaps I was just starting exercises too early and expecting too much too soon.  But I kinda think that it is her skill in PT therapy that is making the difference.

We have lots of birds (even humming birds) now.  I guess something like spring is showing up here.  
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